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RTI 4(1)(a) & 4(1)(b)


Head Office/RSEO Offices/Regional Offices 

4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
1 Head Office,Legal  Section 4(1)(a)  
2 Head Office, AQMC Section 4(1)(a)  
3 Head Office,E-Gov Section 4(1)(a)  
4 Head Office, Accounts Section 4(1)(a)  
5 Head Office, Mines Section 4(1)(a)  
6 Head Office, Stores Section 4(1)(a)  
7 Head Office, NEIA-B and OB Section 4(1)(a)  
8 Head Office, 17 CAT Section 4(1)(a)  
9 Head Office, Awareness and Training Section 4(1)(a)  
10 Head Office, PRO Section 4(1)(a)  
11 Head Office, Enforcement Section 4(1)(a)  
12 Head Office, Vehicle Section 4(1)(a)  
13 Regional Office, Kalaburgi 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
14 Regional Office, Chitradurga 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
15 Regional Office, Chamrajanagar 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
16 Regional Office, Bangalore City East 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
17 Regional Office, Gadag 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
18 Regional Office, Peenya 4(1)(a)  
19 Regional Office, Bangalore South


20 Regional Office, Anekal 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
21 Regional Office, Bangalore City  4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
22 Regional Office, Yelahanka(Byatarayanapura) 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
23 Regional Office, RR Nagar 4(1)(a)  
24 Regional Office, Mahadevpura 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
25 Regional Office, Bommanhalli 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
26 Regional Office, Sarjapura 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
27 Regional Office, Hoskote 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)
28 Regional Office, Bangalore City West 4(1)(a) 4(1)(b)