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Technical Advisory Committee

            The Technical Advisory Committee provides technical advice to the Board in matters relating to the verification of E.I.A., feasibility of pollution control proposals submitted by the industries and local authorities to make suggestions for stipulating standards for liquid effluents, gaseous emissions and other allied technical matters. It also evaluates technical objections, suggestions recorded during the Environmental Public Hearing.


                                                                   Members :

Name & Address Designation
1. Member Secretary, KSPCB, Bengaluru Chairman
2. Professor / Representative, Department of Chemical Engineering, IISc, Bengaluru Member
3. Minimum PhD Degree / Degree in Environmental Technology or Environmental Sciences at UVCE / any prestigious World University.   Member
4. Regional Director or their representative, Central Pollution Control Board, Bengaluru. Member
5. Senior Environmental Officer , 17 Category  
6. Senior Environmental Officer , NON-EIA Bengaluru Member
7. Senior Environmental Officer , NON-EIA Other than Bengaluru Member
8. Senior Environmental Officer , WMC Member
9. Senior Environmental Officer , Infrastructure Member
10. Senior Environmental Officer , Mines  
11. Directors or their representative, Directorate of Industries and Boilers.  Member
12. Regional Director or their representative, Karnataka Groundwater Authority. Member
13. Directors or their counterpart, Drugs Regulators . Member
14. Residents, Regional Infectious Diseases Health Organization, Bangalore (ICMR) or their representative. Member
15. Other Government Departments Member
16. Director ,NEERI,Nagpur and other Department representative. Member
17. Environmental Officer, KSPCB,Banglore(Nominated by the Chairman).   Convener



Invitees :

Name & Address
1 Sri P.S.Srikantadatta,(Permanent Invitees).
2 From other government offices (on the advice of the Chairman).
3 Directors, representatives of NEERI, Nagpur or other organizations .
* The tenure of the committee will be for one year from Date of issue