1  Authorizing IBM for according approval of mining plans for minor minerals - issue of clarification_12.07.2017 jsw
2 EIA Notification, 1994 jsw
3 EIA Notification, 2006 jsw
4 EIA Notification, 2006 - Interim Operational Guidelines_21.11.2006 jsw
5 Environmental Clearance by the State Environmental Clearance Committee-issue of clarification-reg_08.12.2011 jsw
6 KRSC, 2011 jsw
7 KRSC, 2012 jsw
8 KRSC, 2013 (Kannada) jsw
9 KRSC, 2014 jsw
10 Amendment w.r.t. SEIAA; some descriptions in Schedule-I, Form-I, Appendix-IV (Procedure for conduct of PH)_01.12.2009 jsw
11 Amendment in some discription in Schedule-I w.r.t. Mining of minerals _09.09.2013 jsw
12 Amendment in some discription in Schedule-I w.r.t. Mining of minerals_14.08.2018 jsw
13 Clarification on mining leases of Major & Minor Minerals_02.07.2007 jsw
14 Clarification regarding applicability of EIA Notification, 2006 in respect of Beneficiation Plant_22.09.2008 jsw
15 Key parameters to be monitore in respect of Mining projects by the Project Proponents_27.05.2009 jsw
16 Procedure for conduct of PH by the SPCBs or PCCs under the EIA Notifcation, 2006 - Instructions_19.04.2010 jsw
17 Adherence to the procedure for conduct of Public Hearing as prescribed in EIA Notification, 2006_28.09.2011 jsw
18 Order of Hon'ble SC dated 27.02.2012 in I. A. No. 12-13 of 2011 in SLP No. 19628-19629 of 2009_18.05.2012 jsw
19 Categorization of category B projects into B1 & B2 - Guidelines_24.12.2013 jsw
20 Clarification with regard to requirement of EC for Mining of minerals at the time of mine renewal_02.06.2014 jsw
21 Impact of mining activities on Habitation_29.10.2014 jsw
22 Conducting of Public Hearing as per EIA Notification, 2006_25.01.2010 jsw
23 Conduct of Public Hearing by the Concerned SPCB or the UTPCC_09.10.2014 jsw
24 Clarification regarding consideration of Integrated projects_06.02.2007 jsw
25 Grant of Consents under the Water Act, 1974 and Air  Act, 1981 and charging consent fees thereon_02.02.2017 jsw
26 Implementation of approved R&R plan in respect of C category mining leases_24.12.2019 jsw
27 Procedure for applying for the Central Empowered Committee_14.06.2002 jsw
28 Formation of CEC_03.06.2002 jsw
29 Clarification regarding considering of EC project for mining of minor mineral-Amendments in the EIA Notifn, 2006_15.03.2016 jsw
30 Notifications issued by the MoEF CC vide S.O. No. 2571 E dated 31.08.2015 jsw
31 Validity of Terms of Reference (TORs) for developmental projects requiring EC_12.01.2017 jsw
32 ToR - Extension of validity period_29.08.2017 jsw
33 Environmental Clearance to the expansion projects under the EIA – Certified Compliance Report regarding_07.09.2017 jsw
34 Consideration of mining proposals involving violation of the EIA_30.05.2018 jsw
35 Clarification for carrying out the mining of minerals including over burden and dump mining_18.06.2018 jsw
36 Standardization of Environment Clearance conditions for Non-Coal mining sector - reg_08.01.2019 jsw
37 Addition of Mineral Beneficiation in the EIA notification, 2006_25.06.2014 jsw
38 Amendment for EC_SO 1141(E)_29.04.2015 jsw
39 Prevention of SC units in the Eco Sensitive Zone i.e., Bannerghatta National Park_26.08.2013 jsw
40 Board Office Notification_16.11.2018 jsw
41 Circular_Quarry not applicable to KSPCB Purview_12.02.2014 jsw
42 DEIAA members for grant of EC for minor minerals_20.01.2016 jsw
43 EC process for mining of Minor minerals_15.01.2016 jsw
44 Guidelines prepared by CPCB and applicable to all states - Estimation of damage due to SC (Mechanism in O. A No. 739 of 2018 (State of MP)_Stone Crushers) jsw
45 OM_Issue of CFE & CFO manually not through XGN_18.06.2016 jsw
46 OM-Stone Crusher validity 3722 26.09.2019 - Form-C submission within 6 months jsw
47 Subsequent renewal of CFO_07.03.2019 jsw
48 CPCB Environmental Standards_Integrated Iron & Steel Plant (Emission & Wastewater Discharge) jsw
49 CPCB Environmental Standards_Lime Kiln (Emission) jsw
50 CPCB Environmental Standards_Stationary DG sets (Guidelines for Control of Noise) jsw
51 CPCB Environmental Standards_Stone Crushing Unit (Standards for SPM) jsw
52 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents_Stone Crusher & M Sand jsw
53 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents_Sponge Iron Units jsw
54 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents_Iron Ore mine jsw
55 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents_Integrated Steel Plants jsw
56 Guidelines_for_Environmental_Personnel_in_Mines_20092016 jsw


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